No one would use a Sun Bucket if it couldn't be used to cook bacon. Am I right? Bacon's a deal breaker. So it's a mighty fine thing that my Sun Bucket cooks bacon just the same as my gas range. The Sun Bucket started at 631°F (333 C). If I'm cooking bacon, I suppose … Continue reading Bacon.

Sockeye Salmon, Asparagus & Warm Potato Salad

Walking past the fish counter in the grocery store the other day, a display of beautiful red fillets caught my eye. I don't even really like salmon, but the deep color of the fish couldn't be passed by. The man at the fish counter politely answered all of my questions (because you practically need a … Continue reading Sockeye Salmon, Asparagus & Warm Potato Salad

Solstice Chicken, Kalamata & Feta Pasta

Happy Summer Solstice! The lighting in my kitchen can be described as "low" at the best of times given the one small, heavily shaded window. Tonight the light was almost nonexistent as the sky clouded up making this, the longest day of the year, feel much shorter than it was. But, because I use a … Continue reading Solstice Chicken, Kalamata & Feta Pasta

Tortillas, Rice, and Beans

Recently, someone asked our team if a  Sun Bucket could be used to adequately prepare tortillas or a big pot of beans. The answer is yes, and quite easily - this is one of the first things ever prepared on a Sun Bucket. But since I've never personally made these things on a Sun Bucket, … Continue reading Tortillas, Rice, and Beans

Grilled Comfort Food

My new favorite thing about cooking with a Sun Bucket: indoor grilling. Instead of firing up the old gas grill and tending to it in this afternoon's sweltering heat, I stayed cool indoors and grilled burgers. A side of corn on the cob and southern-styled baked beans and this summer dinner was done in under … Continue reading Grilled Comfort Food