Grilled Comfort Food

My new favorite thing about cooking with a Sun Bucket: indoor grilling. Instead of firing up the old gas grill and tending to it in this afternoon’s sweltering heat, I stayed cool indoors and grilled burgers. A side of corn on the cob and southern-styled baked beans and this summer dinner was done in under 35 minutes.

The Sun Bucket started at 672 °F (355 C).

Because boiling water is always the most boring part of any meal prep, I got that going first while the Sun Bucket was at its hottest.  I didn’t cover the pot – because it didn’t occur to me, though my colleague Matt is always reminding me about the efficiency of using lids – and it took 9 minutes to achieve a full, rolling boil for 1.6 L (almost two quarts) of water. Four ears of corn, halved, were thrown into the pot. I did use a lid at this point, and the corn was ready in five minutes.

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When the corn was done, it was time to grill some burgers. A family-favorite is this recipe for Chicken Burgers with Garlic-Rosemary Mayonnaise. I more or less follow the recipe as is, with the addition of about 1/4 C. of breadcrumbs to hold the burger together better. I heated a grill pan coated with some cooking spray, and then added the burgers. 5 minutes on each side and they were cooked through and had grill marks to boot.

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My favorite part about these burgers is the toasted bun. This is so easy on a Sun Bucket. After removing the grill pan, I placed a sheet of aluminum foil on the surface of the Sun Bucket. Each bun was brushed with olive oil and placed face-down on the Sun Bucket. In 10-15 seconds, the buns were toasted to perfection. The burgers are complete with a little leftover garlic-rosemary mayo and some microgreens (I can’t get enough of pea shoots these days).

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While I assembled the burgers, I put one last pot on the Sun Bucket. A pot of beans that I dumped out of a can (totally cheating). The beans were boiling by the time we got the table set – under five minutes.

3.1 kg of food was prepared on the Sun Bucket tonight, approximately 2900 calories.



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