No one would use a Sun Bucket if it couldn’t be used to cook bacon. Am I right? Bacon’s a deal breaker. So it’s a mighty fine thing that my Sun Bucket cooks bacon just the same as my gas range.

The Sun Bucket started at 631°F (333 C).

If I’m cooking bacon, I suppose there should be something more healthful to go along with it, and since it’s summer and I live in Illinois – that something is corn. Here’s a few pics of my crowded pot of corn, but for more specifics about how this works on a Sun Bucket see my earlier post about grilling.

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When the corn was done, 14 minutes later, I heated my skillet, coated with a little cooking spray, and got the bacon underway. Working in batches, it took 22 minutes to cook up 3/4 lb. of bacon, a few strips at a time to a golden crispiness. I can’t help but take pictures of how hot a Sun Bucket gets, despite the need for close-ups of raw meat.

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Once the bacon was done, I used the Sun Bucket to toast up a few slices of bread for some good ole’ fashioned BLTs. Instead of a pan, I just laid down a sheet of aluminum foil, gave it a quick coating of cooking spray, and put the bread right on top. The length of time it takes to toast the bread depends entirely upon how much energy is still available from the Sun Bucket. I’ve already boiled 1.3 L of water, 4 ears of corn, and fried a bunch of bacon, and still just 10 seconds per side and the bread was toasty. That’s faster than a toaster!

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My kids like mayo on their BLTs, but I had some Cambazola in the fridge and that was decidedly more grown-up.

In about 40 minutes the Sun Bucket was used to prepare 2.7 kg of food with an approximate caloric value of 1350 calories.

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