Blue Apron: Night 2

The second night of our Blue Apron* box was a new, deconstructed take on a good old fashioned shrimp boil. It required a lot of boiling, but the Sun Bucket was up to the task. The Sun Bucket started at 680°F (360 C). This recipe, including the Creamy Summer Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad, required … Continue reading Blue Apron: Night 2

Blue Apron: Night 1

This afternoon, a big box full of fresh produce, quality cuts of meat, and all the little odds and ends you need to make two new recipes arrived on my doorstep. I love  Blue Apron*. Something new and different for dinner, all the ingredients are prepackaged in recyclable containers, no grocery shopping needed, and zero … Continue reading Blue Apron: Night 1

Chicken Paella with Mussels

This post begins with two disclaimers: 1.) the term paella is being used loosely, and 2.) I couldn't find my paella pan, so I used my trusty stainless steel standby (see previous disclaimer). I borrowed most of tonight's recipe from Jamie Oliver's Chicken & Chorizo Paella. The Sun Bucket started at 653°F (345 C). This … Continue reading Chicken Paella with Mussels


Earlier this month, the Sun Buckets team was in Northern Arizona hosted by five off-grid families who have agreed to use our cooking system. One of our users wondered if she could use a Sun Bucket to cook a frozen pizza. It was a great question - if you're going to use a new cooking … Continue reading Pizza

Lobster and Mushroom Risotto

Risotto is one of my favorite things to make, but my children stubbornly refuse to like it, no matter what ingredients it includes. So last night, I made risotto with lobster, mushrooms, peas, and white wine, and bypassed the kids' groans by also making scrambled eggs. Everyone was happy, and it was hardly a challenge … Continue reading Lobster and Mushroom Risotto