Blue Apron: Night 1

This afternoon, a big box full of fresh produce, quality cuts of meat, and all the little odds and ends you need to make two new recipes arrived on my doorstep. I love  Blue Apron*. Something new and different for dinner, all the ingredients are prepackaged in recyclable containers, no grocery shopping needed, and zero thinking required. Tonight’s dinner: Chicken Hiyashi Chuka with Cucumber, Summer Beans & Corn.

Obviously, I decided to make my Blue Apron meals on the Sun Bucket. Blue Apron assumes that I am using a stove and therefore can have a pot or two going at the same time. That’s a reasonable assumption, but I’ve only got the one Sun Bucket, so I just did each task in the exact order the recipe told me to. (I was fully committed to not thinking).

The Sun Bucket started at 621°F (327 C).

I always boil water first if there’s something needing boiling – whether on my gas range or on the Sun Bucket. But, my instructions from Blue Apron told me to heat a tablespoon of oil and brown both sides of four pieces of chicken, so I did. I browned the first side for about 3 minutes, flipped them and browned the other side for a few minutes, then added a half cup of water. After a few minutes, the water had boiled off, and the 4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts were cooked through.

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I set the chicken aside to cool, and set one one liter of water to boil in a covered pot. It took a little over 15 minutes to boil and in went a pound of summer beans. My favorite part about the summer beans is that the purple ones turn green when cooked. The beans were bright green and slightly tender in less than 5 minutes, drained, and rinsed with cool water. I immediately filled the pot with more water and put back on the Sun Bucket to make ramen noodles.

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While the water got hot, I chopped the chicken, and dressed it with soy sauce and chopped scallion. The second pot of water boiled much faster, likely because the pan was already hot and because I added a heap of salt to the water. When the water was boiling, one pound of fresh ramen noodles went in and cooked for 3 minutes.

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When the ramen was cooked and drained, it was divided between four bowls. A simple soy sauce and sesame dressing was prepared according to Blue Apron’s instructions and poured on top. Next came the chicken and green beans. Blue Apron also included one ear of fresh corn, a perfectly ripe tomato, and pickling cucumbers to toss with vinegar. It made quite a bowl for a cool dinner on a hot, muggy, Illinois August evening.

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The Sun Bucket was used or 53 minutes and prepared 1.6 kg of cooked food for an approximately caloric content of 1730 calories (raw vegetables and dressings are not included in the totals).






*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Blue Apron, nor is Blue Apron a sponsor of this page.

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