Sausages & Mashed Potatoes

If we lived in the UK, we’d call this fast, pub-like meal bangers and mash and it’d sound a lot more fun than it really is. But, you can’t beat this hot and filling meal for a quick dinner in between running kids to dance classes and piano lessons.

The Sun Bucket started at 680°F (360 C).

Because mashed potatoes require high heat, they were cooked first. Two large potatoes were chopped into small pieces and put in a pot with 1 L of water. To expedite the boiling process, I did use a lid (except for when I peeked in to take pictures, obviously). Somewhere around the 8-minute mark, the potatoes boiled over. To prevent the mess from getting worse, I moved the pot to the edge of the Sun Bucket, for indirect heat. At the 15 minute mark, the potatoes were soft enough to mash. The potatoes were drained, thrown into the stand mixer with a teaspoon of butter and 1/3 C milk. While the mixer churned them up, the sausages were put on the heat.

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I had two packs of chicken sausages in the freezer that were thawed for tonight’s meal. The great thing about chicken sausage is that they’re already cooked, so really all my Sun Bucket had to do was heat them up and give them a little color. The sausages went into a pan coated with a bit of cooking spray. As they browned, I added a few tablespoons of water, and flipped them regularly. In 11 minutes, the sausages were sizzling hot.

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Next up: frozen peas. I emptied a half pound of peas straight from the freezer and into a pot with a few tablespoons of water. I put a lid on this while I started plating the sausages and mashed potatoes, and in 8 minutes the peas had thawed and were piping hot. A teaspoon of butter melted on top and some salt and pepper and this dinner was in the bag.

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While we ate, the extra sausages were left in the pan and put back on the Sun Bucket to stay warm. The Sun Bucket was in active use for 40 minutes and cooked 1.2 kg of food with an approximate caloric value of 1370 calories.

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