My husband makes crêpes for brunch every weekend, but this morning was a first for making them using stored solar energy. I got the Sun Bucket charged early, ensuring that delicious, fruit-filled crêpes would be on the table by late morning.

The Sun Bucket started at 622°F (328 C).

My husband’s crêpe recipe uses a blender to combine a half dozen eggs, a couple cups of milk, a little sugar, 2 C. of flour, vanilla, a dash of salt, and more melted butter than I care to think about. While he got the batter mixed, his pint-sized sous chef sliced up some fresh fruit for the filling to go with some berry sauce that they had previously made.

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Crêpes, my husband tells me, are not difficult to make, though our large saucepan with it’s tall sides can make them too thick. (It would be easier if he had a a cast iron crêpe pan, so it’s a good thing that his birthday is coming up soon). Crêpes require high heat and cook pretty quickly, just a minute or two on each side. He melted a little butter in the pan and then the crêpe batter was poured in. After a minute or two, you can see air bubbles form on the surface of the crêpe as it turns more opaque, which means it’s time to flip.

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In 45 minutes, a stack of crêpes had been made and ready to be filled. This morning, ours were filled with a little plain cream cheese, homemade berry sauce, fresh berries and bananas, then rolled up and sprinkled with confectioner’s sugar.

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At a certain point, we stop pretending that we’re not eating dessert for breakfast, and break open the Nutella. Coincidentally, the husband and I were in France last week and ate a lot of crêpes. The savory dinner kind in real restaurants are lovely, but it’s hard to beat the kind you buy on the street that are literally oozing Nutella. (Also, doesn’t a Sun Bucket kind of look like an electric crêpe maker?)

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The Sun Bucket was used to cook 1.16 kg of crêpes this morning with a whopping caloric content of approximately 2240 calories. (These totals do not include the cream cheese, fruit, sauce, or the Nutella).

Bon appétit!


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