What’s a Sun Bucket, you say? A Sun Bucket is a portable, alternative energy source that is 100% sustainable and hot. I mean really hot. Blazing hot, like fire. Which is the idea, after all.

According to the WHO, 3 billion people across the globe burn solid fuels such as wood, charcoal, and animal waste to cook and heat their homes. The indoor air pollution from these cooking fires cause respiratory illnesses that lead to 4 million premature deaths each year – the leading cause of death in children under the age of 5 in the developing world. Not only that, these fires are responsible for approximately 25% of black carbon emissions.

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Photo Credits: Matthew Alonso, Sun Buckets

A Sun Bucket is placed at the focal point of a parabolic reflecting dish and captures the sun’s energy. This energy is stored in a thermal storage material contained within the Sun Bucket. After about an hour in the sun, the Sun Bucket is fully “charged” and hot like fire.


The cool part? When your Sun Bucket is hot, take it off of the parabolic dish and put a lid on it. Need to cook lunch right away? Great, go ahead! Planning on making dinner in a few hours after sunset? Not a problem, just keep the lid on it. Sun Buckets are ready when you are.

Sun Buckets are portable – cook where, indoors or out, and when, day or night, you want with your existing pots and pans, and all of your favorite recipes.  Use a Sun Bucket just like you use your stove at home.


The idea for Sun Buckets was borne out of the need for a solution to the expensive cost of cooking around the world.  And while we are passionate about helping to solve that problem, we are as committed to decreasing our own carbon footprints.

There’s no need to turn on my gas range when I’ve got the sun for free and a Sun Bucket instead of fire.

Join me as I cook at home on a Sun Bucket, right here in sunny Illinois!