For six years, my husband and I lived in the Bay Area near some old, dear family friends. The combination of Portuguese heritage and a home in the hills of Berkeley, meant that the kitchen of our friend's mom was the place I most wanted to be. Every year during Dungeness crab season, Jan cooked … Continue reading Cioppino


Ever since visiting New Orleans this summer for the American Society for Engineering Education's annual conference, I've been thinking about jambalaya and étouffées. (And beignets, definitely beignets). Tonight was jambalaya night, and I used Emeril Lagasse's recipe as a loose guide. The Sun Bucket started at 612°F (322 C). In my large pan, 1 teaspoon … Continue reading Jambalaya

Blue Apron: Night 2

The second night of our Blue Apron* box was a new, deconstructed take on a good old fashioned shrimp boil. It required a lot of boiling, but the Sun Bucket was up to the task. The Sun Bucket started at 680°F (360 C). This recipe, including the Creamy Summer Bean & Cherry Tomato Salad, required … Continue reading Blue Apron: Night 2