Question: How Much Does A Warrant Of Fitness Cost NZ?

Is it worth getting a main dealer service?

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a car with a main dealer service history will be easier to sell on in future.

You could even find your car is worth more as a result – something that can help pay, in part, for the additional cost of main dealer servicing..

What is a Warrant of Fitness NZ?

A warrant of fitness (WoF) is a regular check to ensure that your vehicle meets required safety standards. … For example, while tyres on your vehicle may pass on the day of your warrant inspection, you’ll need to replace them as soon as the tread gets to the minimum depth.

What can you fail a WoF on?

Here are the most common problems that vehicles fail for, and how to look for them early.A total brake-down. Faulty brakes are not only one of the most common reasons vehicles fail their WoF, but they are an essential safety component of any vehicle. … Let there be light. … Keep an eye on your tyres. … Don’t get wiped out.

Can you get a WoF without a Rego?

Your vehicle must have a current warrant of fitness (WoF) or certificate of fitness (CoF) before you can get a licence or use the vehicle on the road, unless your vehicle is exempt from continuous vehicle licensing or does not require a WoF or CoF for road use (mopeds etc.).

Do you need a full service every year?

Generally, your car should be serviced once a year or every 10,000-12,000 miles. A full service is highly recommended although if the vehicle is regularly serviced then a basic service will help to keep it running smoothly and hassle free.

Do I need a spare TYRE for WoF?

Your thinking is correct, I believe you do not need to have a spare to pass a WOF, but if you do have one it must be in good condition and secured adequately.

Can you sell a car without a warrant?

If the vehicle does not have a current WoF it must be sold “as is, where is”. In this case, you should give the seller a written understanding that the vehicle will not be driven on the road except for the purpose of getting a new WoF – this is a protection for the seller. Visit for more information.

How much are Wofs?

“The average time for a WOF is 45 minutes and the average price charged across the country is about $52.”

Is it worth keeping full dealer service history?

Buyers will want to see this history, as it helps to reassure them that the car’s mileage is accurate, shows it has been regularly serviced and highlights any repair work carried out. Meticulous service records can also give buyers confidence a car has been well cared-for.

How long does a warrant of fitness last in NZ?

less than 2 years old, the WoF will be issued to the third anniversary of when it was first registered. between 2 and 3 years old, the WoF will be issued for 12 months.

How do I pass my WoF NZ?

What to check before you visit VTNZ for a WoFLights. Check all of your lights work. … Wipers. Check your windscreen wipers are in good order. … Tyre pressure and tread. Pumped up tyres make it easier to grip the road and because they make your car more efficient, so it saves you on fuel. … Oil. … Seats and seatbelts. … Car boot. … Pets.

What is the fine for no WoF?

$200The Warrant of Fitness test (WOF) is a legal requirement. No vehicle can be operated without a current Warrant of Fitness. Unfortunately, if you use your vehicle without a current WOF, you will be fined $200. This fine also applies if you park your car in a public space.

How long can you drive with an expired WoF?

The 28 days do NOT allow a person to continue using the vehicle for a purpose other than for bringing the vehicle into compliance. Where a vehicle still has a current WoF/CoF when it is failed, it must be brought up to compliance before it can again be operated for other purposes up to the date the WoF/CoF expires.

Can you get a WoF before it expires?

The WoF starts from the date your vehicle passes the inspection. However, if you take your vehicle to a WoF agent a few days before the current WoF expires, the expiry date of the new WoF may be extended, equal to the number of days you have left on the old WoF (to a maximum of 14 days).

How often does my car need a WoF?

every six monthsSince 1 January 2014, vehicles first registered on or after 1 January 2000 must undergo a WoF test annually; older vehicles must undergo a WoF test every six months.

What should I check before WoF?

Taking your vehicle for a warrant of fitness (WoF) check can be stressful, especially if your car’s getting on in years….Self-checks you can do at homeWiper blades and washers. … Tyre tread depth and pressure. … Lights. … Oil level. … Seats and seatbelts. … Accessibility. … Dogs. … Servicing.

How much is a warrant of fitness at Vtnz?

A Warrant of Fitness at most VTNZ branches is $67.

How much is a full service?

To determine the average cost to service a car, a number of factors need to be taken into consideration including vehicle types and models, geographical location, type of services and the distance travelled. An average cost of a car service in Australia is $150 to $550.

Is it illegal to have no spare TYRE NZ?

If you’ve got a new car, you’ll likely have a tyre puncture repair kit in it instead of a spare wheel. It’s no longer a legal requirement to carry a spare tyre and jack in your car.

How long should a WoF take?

25-35 minutesThe WoF inspection will take between 25-35 minutes. You can wait and have a free coffee or tea in our comfortable waiting area or you can drop your car off.