Quick Answer: What Does OU Say?

What are some OU words?

Words with OU saying “ow!”miscountpronouncemispronounceroutroutescoundrelscroungeshoutshroudsoundsoursousespoutsproutstout8 more rows.

Is OU long or short vowel?

Spelling and Pronunciation: OUPronunciationExamplesshort Urough, tough, enough, country, youngshort Obought, fought, sought, coughLong Othough, dough, thorough, four, pour, tour, soulLong Uthrough, route*2 more rows

What are the 5 diphthongs?

They are: /eɪ/, /aɪ/,/əʊ/, /aʊ/, /ɔɪ/, /ɪə/, /eə/, and /ʊə/. 4.  It is important to note that the close combination ofthe two vowels causes each of the vowels to lose itspure quality.

Why is ow a vowel team?

Sometimes, consonants can sneak into our vowel teams, like in ow, and igh. These patterns still classify as a vowel team, because the letters work together to make one vowel sound.

Is ow a long vowel sound?

Spelling the long vowel sound /ō/: o-e, oa, ow, oe. 3) Some other words (often from other languages) have just o on the end.

Is OU a diphthong?

When teaching reading, the two vowel sounds most commonly identified as diphthongs are /oy/ and /ow/. The most common spellings for the vowel sound /oy/ are oy (toy) and oi (void), and the two most common spellings for /ow/ are ow (cow) and ou (cloud).

What are the 8 diphthongs?

Why Wait? The Top 8 Common English Diphthong Sounds with Examples/aʊ/ as in “Town”/aɪ/ as in “Light”/eɪ/ as in “Play”/eə/ as in “Pair”/ɪə/ as in “Deer”/oʊ/ as in “Slow”/ɔɪ/ as in “Toy”/ʊə/ as in “Sure”

How do you teach ow sounds?

We use the key phrase “Snow Plow” to teach this phonogram because “ow” has two sounds. It says /O/ like in the snow, and /ow/ like in plow. Now, typically students recognize the “ow” (like in plow) sound first, as they have seen “ow” as a word by itself.

Are OU and OW diphthongs?

This sound has two spelling patterns, (ow) (ou). These vowel combinations (ow, ou) are diphthongs when they have the variant vowel sound as heard in cow and house.

What are the 7 Digraphs?

DIGRAPH POSTERS – 7 Free Digraph Posters for : th, sh, ch, wh, ph, oo, ee.

Which word has the same sound as OU in soup?

The /ow/ sound in “trout” is the same as the /ow/ sound in “plow.” The /oo/ sound in “soup” is the same as the /oo/ sound in “moon.” When students have to spell, they might go back and forth between different vowel teams.

What sound does OU make in phonics?

Unit 15: Spelling the sound /ou/: ou, ow Before n and l, it is usually ow e.g. down, howl. Before nd, use ou: round, found.

Is there a rule for EE or EA?

Most long-e sounds fit the two vowels rule. Long e is spelled either with ee, like in meet, seed, and weed, or ea, like in team, seat, and bead. The two vowels come side by side, but the first is the one that makes its long sound. A long-o sound is also often spelled with two vowels.

What is the rule for OU and OW?

When you hear /ow/ at the start of, or inside a word or syllable, use ou (ounce, house, loud). BUT: If the word rhymes with down (frown, clown, town) or owl (howl, towel, growl) we usually use ow.

Is OU a word?

Yes, ou is a valid Scrabble word.

What is the sound of OU?

OU says /ü/ in only three words: would, should, and could. It says its other sounds, /ow/ as in house, /ō/ as in soul, /ö/ as in group, and /ŭ/ as in country, in far more words.

Is OU a Digraph or diphthong?

Two vowel letters that spell a single sound are called a digraph. Vowel digraphs include oi and oy /oi/ as in boil and boy, and ow and ou /ou/ as in cow and out. (The sounds /oi/ and /ou/ are commonly called diphthongs. A diphthong is a speech sound in which a first vowel sound glides into a second.)