Quick Answer: Will NCT Disband?

Where is 1the9 now?

1THE9 officially disbanded on August 8th, 2020..

How many members will NCT have in 2020?

ten membersNCT 127 debuted on July 7, 2016. They created their name by taking the longitude of Seoul, South Korea (the city they’re based in) and attaching it to NCT. NCT 127 added members Doyoung and Johnny in 2017, so their group has ten members as of 2020.

Did NCT get new members?

NCT 2020 welcomed their newest members Shotaro and Sungchan! On September 23, the members of NCT held a V LIVE broadcast and introduced their two new members.

How old is Park Jisung NCT?

18 years (February 5, 2002)Jisung/Age

Who is the leader of NCT U?

Lee TaeyongLee Taeyong is undoubtedly NCT’s overall leader and pillar.

Will NCT dream disband?

However, this just has become the silver lining for NCTzens as NCT Dream won’t just disband, which was the worst-case scenario. However, on October 24th, it was reportedly revealed that the ‘K-JOY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2020′ has used both SM Entertainment’s and related artists’ logos illegally, without their permission.

Will Blackpink disband?

Most kpop group will disband around 8–10 years after their debut. But there is a good chance they might disband in 2023. Blackpink only has 1 comeback per year just after 9 months they debut. … Therefore, Blackpink as a group will not exist anymore after 2023.”

TaeilHowever, he is now gaining more popularity as part of wayv 🙂 (In 127 only) Taeil: this is sad because he’s one of my biases, but taeil is the least popular member of NCT 127, perhaps because he’s the oldest or kind of quiet at times…

Did 1the9 disband?

On July 6, 2020, it was announced that they would release their third mini-album Turn Over on July 16. On July 27, 2020, it was confirmed that the group would officially disband on August 8. Before their disbandment, the group released their fourth and final mini-album Good Bye 1the9 on August 5.

Who is the youngest in NCT?

Park Ji-sungJisung is known as the maknae (youngest one) of the NCT Dream group. His given name is Park Ji-sung and he is a South Korean singer, songwriter, rapper, dancer, and actor.

Who is the oldest in NCT dream?

TaeilTaeil, who recently turned 26, is the oldest member of NCT and is one of the main vocalists of the group. Currently Taeil is part of sub-unit NCT 127 and is regularly featured in NCT U.

Will there be NCT 2020?

On June 9, WayV released their first full album Awaken the World, with the title track “Turn Back Time”. On September 15, NCT announced they would have a new project, NCT 2020, similar to their NCT 2018 project, which would combine members of the various subunits on one album, which would be released in October 2020.

What will happen to NCT dream in 2020?

NCT Dream is a sub-unit of SM Entertainment’s group NCT. On April 14, 2020, it was announced NCT Dream will have a comeback with an EP titled Reload. The album will be released on April 29. SM Entertainment also announced changes to the organization of NCT Dream.

Is 1the9 a permanent group?

#1the9 is not a permanent group, They have a 17 months contract (5 months training, 12 months group activities) under MBK Entertainment.

Who is the leader of NCT dream?

Mark LeeThere was group leader and SM golden boy Mark Lee; sunny entertainer Haechan; soaring Chinese vocalists Renjun and Chenle; energetic, boyish duo Jaemin and Jeno; and tiny dance phenom Jisung.

Why did NCT U disband?

On May 13, Xportsnews reported that the group actually disbanded because of sexual relations between one of the members, who is in his early 20s, and a female staff member, who is in her late 30s.

Who gets the least lines in NCT?

WinWinWinWin. WinWin has by far the fewest amount of lines in NCT 127, if you count the last couple of comebacks where he hasn’t had any part in the songs at all, but this is likely due to him also being a member of WAYV, who he has been promoting with recently.

What is 1the9 fandom name?

now Wonderland#1THE9’s official fandom name is now Wonderland!