What Is Meant By Trickle?

How do you use trickle in a sentence?

Trickle sentence examplesSand had already begun to trickle into the bottom.

A trickle of lights lit up on the wall to her right.

He felt the tears trickle under his spectacles and hoped they would not be noticed.

She walked for half an hour, until rain began to trickle through the jungle overhead.More items….

What is the meaning of first trickle of tourists?

please mark as a brain listAnswer: The first trickle of tourists means a. tourists that visit the Park in the beginning of January. Explanation: please mark as a brain list.

What is the opposite of trickle?

Antonyms of TRICKLE spout, run, gush, flow, roll, spurt, pour, stream.

Is it safe to leave a trickle charger on all the time?

A trickle charger is a car battery charger designed to be left on a car for a long period of time to re-charge the battery. … Some trickle chargers can be left on a battery indefinitely. These would be used on a vehicle that is not used all the time or is stored away for the winter or the summer.

What word goes with trickle?

Words related to trickle stream, seep, leak, flow, ooze, percolate, crawl, dribble, creep, issue, drop, drip, distill, weep, exude, trill.

What does trickle out mean?

trickle out (of something or some place) Of a liquid, to flow, seep, or leak out (of something) in drops or in a thin stream. Aw man, water has started trickling out through a crack on the side of my water bottle.

What is the meaning of slowly?

: in a slow manner : not quickly, fast, early, rashly, or readily.

What does humdrum mean?

dull, boring, and ordinaryEnglish Language Learners Definition of humdrum : not interesting : dull, boring, and ordinary. See the full definition for humdrum in the English Language Learners Dictionary. humdrum. adjective.

What does trickle down mean?

1 : relating to or working on the principle of trickle-down theory trickle-down economics. 2 : relating to or being an effect caused gradually by remote or indirect influences.

Is it OK to leave a trickle charger on?

A: Generally, a car’s battery discharges 20 hours after a full charge. It can take longer if you have a larger battery. You should hook up the trickle charger 10 to 15 hours after a full charge. However, if you plan to leave your car idle for weeks or months unsupervised, you can leave the trickle charger on.

What does hurtle mean?

Hurtle is a verb with two meanings: “to move rapidly or forcefully,” as in “The stone was hurtling through the air,” and “to hurl or fling,” as in “I hurtled the stone into the air.” Note that the first use is intransitive: the stone isn’t hurtling anything; it itself is simply hurtling.

What does gnarly mean?

very bad1 : gnarled gnarly branches. 2 slang : very bad: such as. a : very difficult or challenging to deal with a gnarly [=thorny, knotty] problem gnarly conditions Having …

What does the word trickle?

1 : to run or fall in drops. 2 : to flow in a thin slow stream. 3 : to move slowly or in small numbers Customers trickled in.

What does trickle charge mean?

fully charged batteryTrickle charging means charging a fully charged battery at a rate equal to its self-discharge rate, thus enabling the battery to remain at its fully charged level; this state occurs almost exclusively when the battery is not loaded, as trickle charging will not keep a battery charged if current is being drawn by a load …

What does it mean to flow or trickle slowly?

Trickle is defined as to flow slowly in a thin stream, or fall in steady drops. An example of rickle is barely turning on a faucet just until the water becomes a very slow stream. … To flow slowly in a thin stream or fall in drops.

What type of word is view?

noun. an instance of seeing or beholding; visual inspection. sight; vision. range of sight or vision: Several running deer came into the view of the hunters.

Is trickle charge good?

Trickle Chargers. A trickle chargers’ primary purpose is to slowly charge a battery and prevent overcharging – however, the same result can be achieved through the use of a standard charger. If storing batteries for a period of time is a common activity, then it’s safe to say a trickle charger may be a good investment.