Where Is The Traffic File Number In Dubai?

How can I renew my driving Licence online in Dubai?

Go to the RTA official website and browse through The Driver and Car Owner Services tab.

Click on the Driving Licence Services tab to access various services related to Dubai driving licence renewal.

Upload all the required documents.

Pay all the necessary fees or fines if applicable..

How can I get discounted fines in Dubai?

You can pay your discounted traffic fines by paying it online at www.dubaipolice.go.ae or through Dubai police app. Go to Pay traffic fines service, enter the car’s details and you will see the fines discounted and then click pay.

What is traffic code number in Dubai?

In Dubai, a traffic code, or TC number, is required to access the system, which provides the most accurate results, for all vehicles registered to each person.

How do I find my traffic number?

You can find it:Printed on your vehicle license.Printed on the new driving licenses template.If you know the old traffic number, then you can inquire about the new one through fines inquiry and payment online system.

How long do black points last in Abu Dhabi?

The first time your accumulated points reach 24, your license is suspended for 3 months. The second time the suspension period is 6 months long and the third time your licenses suspension period will be one year.

How can I check my black points on my license online in Dubai?

You can check the black points on your Dubai drivers license by visiting the Official Dubai Police Website and accessing the ‘Traffic Fines’ Payment page. Then just enter your number plate or license details and you will be able to see the black points on your Dubai driving license online.

How can I check my driving Licence fines in Dubai?

To check fines in Dubai online against your registered vehicle you will have to visit the RTA website. You can get the details regarding the fine by using: Plate Details. License Number.

How can I check my accident history in UAE?

TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS MANAGEMENTLogin to your dashboard and click on Accident Inquiry.Enter a vehicle chassis number.View accident history and details.

How can I open traffic in Dubai?

Documents required to open a traffic file include:Copy of passport and residence visa page.Copy and original emirates ID card.2 photographs.Eye test report.No objection letter from the sponsor (if required by the related traffic department).

How can I get driving experience certificate in UAE?

Individual customers, citizens and residents, are eligible to apply for this service. Emirates ID….Through customer happiness centres or service centresThe customer submits the driving licence.The customer is required to pay all the due fines in person.The customer receives the certificate.

How can I check my traffic fines in Abu Dhabi?

The easiest way to review Abu Dhabi fines online is via the Abu Dhabi Police’s official website. They have a dedicated e-service that you can access to view your fines – named Traffic Fines Inquiry. This page can be accessed by selecting the Traffic Fines Inquiry option under the Public Services tab on the home page.

How can I check my driving license black points in UAE?

You can check the black points you may have in your traffic file by visiting the Dubai Police website. If the total number of black points exceeds 24, your license may be suspended for a fixed period of time.

How do I check my RTA status?

User Instructions:Enter the document reference, the traffic file number and press “Go”See document status on the page.To see a copy of the document that RTA issued press “view”More items…

How can I check my traffic fines in UAE?

How to check and pay traffic fines in the UAEDocuments needed to check fines online. Required information. … Abu Dhabi and northern Emirates fines. Check and pay your fines here: Ministry of Interior website.Dubai fines. Check and pay your fines here: RTA website.Traffic Department locations.

How do I find my traffic file number?

Where can I find my Unified Traffic Number? You can find it: Printed on your vehicle license. Printed on the new driving licenses template.