Chicken Parmesan

I'm not a big fryer, but because this is one of the most popular ways to cook, it was time for the Sun Bucket to give it a go. Golden-friend chicken parmesan, with a side of pasta with marinara. The Sun Bucket started at 662 °F (350 C). After pounding four boneless, skinless chicken breasts … Continue reading Chicken Parmesan


Sausages & Mashed Potatoes

If we lived in the UK, we'd call this fast, pub-like meal bangers and mash and it'd sound a lot more fun than it really is. But, you can't beat this hot and filling meal for a quick dinner in between running kids to dance classes and piano lessons. The Sun Bucket started at 680°F … Continue reading Sausages & Mashed Potatoes

Blue Apron: Night 1

This afternoon, a big box full of fresh produce, quality cuts of meat, and all the little odds and ends you need to make two new recipes arrived on my doorstep. I love  Blue Apron*. Something new and different for dinner, all the ingredients are prepackaged in recyclable containers, no grocery shopping needed, and zero … Continue reading Blue Apron: Night 1

Chicken Paella with Mussels

This post begins with two disclaimers: 1.) the term paella is being used loosely, and 2.) I couldn't find my paella pan, so I used my trusty stainless steel standby (see previous disclaimer). I borrowed most of tonight's recipe from Jamie Oliver's Chicken & Chorizo Paella. The Sun Bucket started at 653°F (345 C). This … Continue reading Chicken Paella with Mussels

Angel Hair & Meatballs

Earlier this week, it seemed like a good idea to see how much food I could get my Sun Bucket to cook. It didn't disappoint. An entire box of angel hair pasta, 14 meatballs, and a pan of sauce from scratch. All that using nothing but free, sustainable energy. The Sun Bucket started at 640°F … Continue reading Angel Hair & Meatballs