Korean {Style} BBQ Meatballs & Fried Rice

Like every other American, I love Trader Joe's grocery stores. The fact that the closest Trader Joe's is two hours away is inconvenient (even if it makes a great excuse for a girls' day trip to the city). This weekend, as I prowled the crowded aisles of a Chicagoland Trader Joe's with a good friend, … Continue reading Korean {Style} BBQ Meatballs & Fried Rice

Chicken Stew & Skillet Biscuits

Today was a very cold day - single digit temperatures and windy - which made it a great day for for staying in and making something warm and hearty for dinner. The Sun Bucket started at 333 C (631 °F). I wanted a no-frills kind of dinner, but something slightly more substantial than soup. Stew … Continue reading Chicken Stew & Skillet Biscuits

Lemon Curd

Since living in Central Florida a few years back, lime and lemon curd have become a staple of our holiday baking. There are few things as delicious as a good lemon curd. To curb the impulse of eating it with a spoon right out of the pan, I recommend that you can it and give … Continue reading Lemon Curd

Chicken Parmesan

I'm not a big fryer, but because this is one of the most popular ways to cook, it was time for the Sun Bucket to give it a go. Golden-friend chicken parmesan, with a side of pasta with marinara. The Sun Bucket started at 662 °F (350 C). After pounding four boneless, skinless chicken breasts … Continue reading Chicken Parmesan


My husband makes crêpes for brunch every weekend, but this morning was a first for making them using stored solar energy. I got the Sun Bucket charged early, ensuring that delicious, fruit-filled crêpes would be on the table by late morning. The Sun Bucket started at 622°F (328 C). My husband's crêpe recipe uses a … Continue reading Crêpes