Sos Pwa Nwa (Haitian Black Bean Sauce)

A few weeks ago, I was in Les Cayes, Haiti and was lucky enough to get to try a pretty wide range of foods. Fried chicken that had first been salted and rubbed with limes, rich manioc stews, fried plantains with a spicy slaw and a cold Prestige at the beach - all of it … Continue reading Sos Pwa Nwa (Haitian Black Bean Sauce)


For six years, my husband and I lived in the Bay Area near some old, dear family friends. The combination of Portuguese heritage and a home in the hills of Berkeley, meant that the kitchen of our friend's mom was the place I most wanted to be. Every year during Dungeness crab season, Jan cooked … Continue reading Cioppino

Chicken Stew & Skillet Biscuits

Today was a very cold day - single digit temperatures and windy - which made it a great day for for staying in and making something warm and hearty for dinner. The Sun Bucket started at 333 C (631 °F). I wanted a no-frills kind of dinner, but something slightly more substantial than soup. Stew … Continue reading Chicken Stew & Skillet Biscuits

Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Soup

It's fall, which in my kitchen means the start of soup season. My kids' favorite soup is the roasted red pepper soup that's served at Pekara, one of the coziest cafes in town, so we decided to try it on the Sun Bucket. The Sun Bucket started at 619 °F (326 C). I often roast … Continue reading Roasted Red Pepper & Gouda Soup